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Please note: All new versions will be located at GitHub under Waarp new project name :

The project still remains Open Source under GPL V3.


A new company named Waarp holds the ability to provide professional services:


  • Installation and parameters
  • Integration, additional development
  • Support, Maintenance, phone support



You will find in this web site some information on this Open Source project named GoldenGate, fully in Java.

The global license is GPL V3.





GoldanGate is an open source file transfer monitor in Java. It unifies several protocols (FTP, SSH, HTTP and proprietary protocols) in an efficient and secured way. Its purpose is to enable bridging between several protocols and to enable dynamic pre or post action on transfer or other commands.


This project was developped initially for the French Ministery of finance. The 3 main components (GoldenGate, GoldenGate FTP and OpenR66) are in production in the Ministery since end of 2009. It is an Open Source project based on an independent community.


GoldenGate is composed of several parts, most of them could be used separately without the full package:

  • an open FTP Server: it can be used in a stand alone version to fit your needs.
  • an open HTTP Server: this component would be at some point dedicated to the project.
  • an open proprietary file transfer monitor, OpenR66: it can be used in a stand alone version to fit your needs.
  • a kernel for common actions (GoldenGate) that could be taken when merging any part of the above.

FTP server can also do simple thing like stand alone standard FTP server without any extra coding.


You can find my other projects on OpenSource Document and EMail Archiving Software here.


You can contact me at : openr66 @ or use the appropriate Mailing List at (goldengate-devel @


Frédéric Brégier