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GoldenGate Commons


Please note: All new versions will be located at GitHub under Waarp new project name :

The project still remains Open Source under GPL V3.

We present here the "Commons" modules in GoldenGate project.


  1. GoldenGate Digest: This library takes into account MD5 in an optimized way.
  2. GoldenGate Common: Main common library shared with all projects in GoldenGate.
  3. Netty Extension: some extensions to Netty (should be included in future version Netty 4.0)
  4. GoldenGate LocalExec Daemon: use to execute on a simple external JVM the external command
  5. GoldenGate XmlEditor: based on XML Editor from F Golubov
  6. GoldenGate Password GUI: use to generate DES key and passwords in GGP format